• Evolution of Winter Temperature in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: A Case Study of Winters 2013/14 and 2014/15

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  • canadaHCDx

    Additional functions for G. L. Simpson’s canadaHCD package for acquiring Canadian climate data

  • senamhiR

    A collection of functions to obtain Peruvian climatological or hydrological data from the Peruvian National Meterology and Hydrology Service

  • claut

    Collected functions developed at the University of Toronto Climate lab.


I am a teaching assistant for the following courses at UTSC:

  • Current undergraduate courses:
    • EESA01: Introduction to Environmental Science
    • EESD06: Climate Change Impact Assessment
  • Current graduate courses:
    • EES1132: Climate Data Analysis
    • EES1131: Applied Climatology
  • Past courses:
    • EESB16: Feeding Humans - The Cost to the Planet